Greetings Everyone! Welcome to our Pozible  page of reasons to be cheerful! (thanks Mr Dury). No nanny goats here, just our heartfelt gratitude to every single person listed here, who helped make our dream come true.

Bernice Finlayson.

Bernice, you left us before you got to hear the album finished, but your generosity and support has made an incredible difference, and you will always have our love and gratitude for this gift.

Leanne de Souza    Peter Giesmann   Steph Pyle    Chris O'Kane  Bob Peele   Chris Osborne

Sharon Thompson  Christine Johnston  Nicky Williams Joe Chow  Yasmin Rose  Jenni & John Bell


Angie Dunbavan & Andrew Veivers, Andrea Kirwin, Mishel Finlayson, Brendan Foster, Simone Pope,

Paulie Bromley, Colleen Ginty, Ance Deksne, Taylor West-Taylor, Andrew Butt, Mark & Anne, Kate B,

Cathy Sidders, Aquinia Zandt, Kerryanne Farrer, Amanda Nutt, Maria Rosier, Lisa Goode, Ali & Greg

Sweetser,    And continuing with .......   Dan Schist, Paul Williams, Susan Howard, Kirsty Van der Plas,


Judy Johnson, Kath Lloyd, Lisa Jack, Clem Hedemann, Georgina Reed, Shireen & Cameron Hoffman,


Maggie Allen, Steve Newcomb Emily Halloran, Jessica Spina, Michael Gattas, Maggie Adeney & Tim


West, Karen Hutt and Nancy Trattler.

The Harfords, Greta Kelly, Dum Diva Disco, Wendy Downes, Alison Bell, John Hutt, Zoli Mauritz, Tsoof      

Baras, Glenda Bruckner, Tric Gibson, Paul Butler, Liam Butler, Elisha Taylor, Lucia Medeiros Hodge, 

Susan Chisolm, Stephane Ricordel, Helen Russell, Susan, Maria Offermans....and deep breath in, and ...

Steve Powell, David Ralph, Fran Bandcroft, Helga McCallum, Oli & Sil, Lynne McLachlan, Sweet Felicia, 

Janet Ambrose, Valerie Foley, Eduardo Chacon and Sharny Russell.

Donna Miller, Kylie Keates, Dana McCown, Betty Collerson, Fabs, Glen Atthow, Another Anonymous 

Donor, James Pelekanos, Jo, Andy and Will Taylor, Parissa Bouas, David McDonald, Chloe Goodyear, 

Drew Reid, Kiri, 

Karen Anderson, Wilfred Holtz, Rebecca Lister, Anna Bourke, Ajanta Willert, McCrindle, Dominique


Hannah, Erin Lea, Robyn Booth, Pip, Yani Mills, Rob Purssey, Paula Hedemann, Erin Murphy,


Sue Barnard, Paw Paw, Kacey Patrick, Thomas Sweeper.

Paula Hackney, Liz Pickering, Greg Gottlieb, Jason and Kirsten Tong, Anna Remmer, Pattie West-Cunning,

Christina Hosier, Kellee Green, Gary Frontin, Debbie Wijetunge,  Kurt Nuske (again!), Claudio, Duchess 

Helen Simons, Jess Betts, Steph Dick, Jim Chapman, Tanja Haffenstein.

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