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For almost 24 years, The View From Madeleine's Couch has  forged a glorious and lush sonic path through Brazilian jazz and bossa nova, remaining a unique musical entity  through their unconventional lineup (which features the vibraphone as its lead instrument), and their commitment to playing this music with integrity and respect, whilst staying true to their own style and sound.  


Vocalist and percussionist Anje West has long been Australia's queen of bossa nova, and her musical and life partner, Kym Ambrose, is one of the finest vibes players in the country.   Combined with the superb musicianship and unparalleled experience of their bandmates,  Madcouch remains at the pinnacle of Brazilian music in Australia.

Album Review by Eric Myers for The Weekend Australian, REVIEW magazine (Four Stars!):

Courtesy of the bossa nova, a ubiquitous time-feel found everywhere in jazz, Brazilian music enjoys a mythical status. This Brisbane group has spent 24 years dedicated to developing a rare empathy with Brazil’s sensuous music. Their unusual album features Anje West, singing virtually the whole repertoire in the Portuguese language. As most Australian listeners will hear her vocals as an instrument, it’s fortunate that her voice is understated, well recorded, not too lush, and has a lovely vibrato, ideal for Brazilian-flavoured music. Solos, chiefly by Kym Ambrose (vibraphone) and Bruce Woodward (guitar) are unfailingly appealing, and the inner rhythmic structures of 12 tracks are well thought through, underpinned by the great Brazilian drummer Marcio Bahia. Time-feels other than the bossa nova, with interesting rhythmic nuances, are explored here too, suggesting a genuine study and absorption of Brazilian music.

"They've got the Brazilian spirit, and they're really doing this very well" - Mazinho Ventura (bassist, Marcos Valle)

"A landmark album and a significant contribution to the history of Brazilian-influenced Australian music"

Mike Ryan, Founder/Director, Triboz Centro Cultural Brasil-Australia (Rio de Janeiro)

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