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The View From Madeleine's Couch  sits at the pinnacle of bossa nova and Brazilian jazz  music in Australia.  Featuring the gloriously warm voice of  internationally acclaimed interpreter of bossa nova, Anje West,  and the masterful vibes-playing of Kym Ambrose, they have consistently delivered their unique take on musica Brasileira for  25 years, alongside the superb musicianship and unparalleled experience of their bandmates

OJ Newcomb (bass), Bruce Woodward (guitar) and Lachlan Hawkins & Paul Hudson (drums).  There is no other Australian band in this genre with the longevity or depth of sound and heart that this exceptional group has displayed across their career, which includes three full-length albums, two EPs and three tours to Brazil.


 anje.ambrose.west@gmail.com      (61) 0432 710 461

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