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    Bossa Nova Sunset Club is the show title under which many Madcouch feature concerts have been presented since 2015, including shows at The Woodford Folk Festival, three Brisbane City Hall concerts, The Brisbane Jazz Club, the band's 25th anniversary concerts at the Brisbane Powerhouse, their anniversary tour, and, of course, it's the title of their latest album.

    Anje conceived the idea and Bossa Nova Sunset Club title for the first of a series of four featured shows as part of the Anywhere Festival from 2015-2018.


    The shows put the spotlight each year on different styles of Brazilian music; bossa nova, samba, music and composers of the North East of Brazil, and finally, in a departure for the band and the re-birth of an old band (To Sergio With Love), they showcased the music of Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66.

    Reviews here (Scenestr) and here (Anywhere Festival) for the first show in 2015.

    From the streets of Rio, the clubs of Minas Gerais and the towns of the north-east, come the sounds of rejoicing and sharing in the spirit of Brazilian life.


    Saideira is a festival that simply and joyfully communicates the rhythms of the everyday in an exuberant celebration of a beautiful and rich musical and cultural heritage.


    The festival ran independently for five years, and was the first, and only, dedicated Brazilian festival in Queensland for all the years it existed.


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