Anje West

vocals, percussion, 

Kym Ambrose



Bruce Woodward


OJ Newcomb


Lachlan Hawkins


Anje and Kym met in Brisbane in the spring of 1994, and Kym's collection of Brazilian music was the soundtrack to their courtship. They married two years later, and the following year the band played its first show.

In the beginning, there were precious few musicians playing this music anywhere in Australia, (and even fewer Australian musicians playing it!), and their commitment to bringing this music to  Australian ears  has seen them  heralded as pioneers  of Brazilian music on home soil, and acknowledged with music award nominations and wins for their Brazilian-influenced original compositions, and outstanding published reviews for all three of their albums.

Theirs is a seductive, elegant and lush sound, underpinned by the impeccable groove of Owen Newcomb on bass, Lachlan Hawkins on drums, and completed by the beautiful guitar work of Bruce Woodward.  There is only a handful of musicians in Australia who have more than 20 years of playing and recording experience in Brazilian music, and in this ensemble, you have some of the most experienced, superb players of this music in the country. 

The group is based in Brisbane, where they have a loyal following, and have maintained a high profile on the national world and jazz music scenes through the quality and consistency of their live shows. They tour  occasionally, slotting in around the  commitments of their fellow band-member's other groups. 

Across three trips to Brazil in the past 15 years (totalling nine months lived there), Anje and Kym immersed themselves in the life and culture of the country they've grown deeply attached to, studying with exceptional teachers, establishing and nurturing relationships with musicians, and loving the fact that their music is embraced so whole-heartedly in Brazil. Not for its authenticity, but for its respectful re-interpretation and difference.  The band has always acknowledged that it's not about trying to sound like they're Brazilian....because they're not.  It's simply been about exploring the music they love, and playing and composing with commitment and integrity. And that probably has something to do with why they are still being sought after for festival and concert appearances, and continue to explore this music and grow with it as the years pass.

Over the summer of 2012/13, on their third adventure to Brazil, Anje and Kym embarked on an 11 date concert tour which took them across three states and four cities, becoming a truly international group with addition of legendary Brazilian jazz rhythm section; drummer Marcio Bahia (Hermeto Pascoal/Hamilton de Holanda) and bassist Mazinho Ventura (Marcos Valle), along with the incredible jazz guitarists Dino Rangel and Beto Lopes (MIlton Nascimento). 

We acknowledge all of the incredible musicians who have played with us over the years, and our honorary bandmate, Marcio Bahia, who came to Australia to record Bossa Nova Sunset Club with us, and whose extraordinary musicianship, friendship and generosity during our times in Brazil, and his in Australia, changed our lives and our music for the better.   Thanks go to Jaider de Oliveira, the grandfather of Brazilian music in Australia, who encouraged and supported us as we found our way into the music and the language in our very earliest years.  We also extend our deepest respect to the memory of Alberto Farah, our teacher and mentor in Rio de Janeiro, without whom, our lives and music would not be the same.