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Released in Nov 2019 and re-launched in Dec 2020. (because...Covid!)  Available in digital, CD and limited-edition vinyl on


Vinyl is now available

at Northside Records

in Melbourne!

CASA DA BOA VIDA, the band's second full-length album was released in 2009 on Vitamin Records, and is now available in digital or CD formats on Bandcamp

TRANQUILO, the band's 2005 debut album is available on Bandcamp as a digital download only.




The Weekend Australian, REVIEW magazine:

Courtesy of the bossa nova, a ubiquitous time-feel found everywhere in jazz, Brazilian music enjoys a mythical status. This Brisbane group has spent 24 years dedicated to developing a rare empathy with Brazil’s sensuous music. Their unusual album features Anje West, singing virtually the whole repertoire in the Portuguese language. As most Australian listeners will hear her vocals as an instrument, it’s fortunate that her voice is understated, well recorded, not too lush, and has a lovely vibrato, ideal for Brazilian-flavoured music. Solos, chiefly by Kym Ambrose (vibraphone) and Bruce Woodward (guitar) are unfailingly appealing, and the inner rhythmic structures of 12 tracks are well thought through, underpinned by the great Brazilian drummer Marcio Bahia. Time-feels other than the bossa nova, with interesting rhythmic nuances, are explored here too, suggesting a genuine study and absorption of Brazilian music.

Four Stars.   Eric Myers

"I’m loving every track . Opening with the classic Garota De Ipanema, Anje and the distinguished band just capture

every Brazilian flavour, colour, rhythm and romantic mood of a nation that has produced some of the

greatest musicians in the last 100 years. You can feel the love from the first note. 
Congratulations, best release of the year!"  

Helen Simons.


"(Bossa Nova Sunset Club) is a landmark album, and a significant contribution to the history of Brazilian-influenced Australian music"

Mike Ryan, Founder/Director Triboz Centro Cultural Australia-Brasil (Rio de Janeiro)

"West and Ambrose say Brazil has taught them to live in the moment, and Casa da Boa Vida shows their instinct

for this kind of music is as authentic as can be"

Noel Mengel, Courier Mail

" album that is unforced, uncluttered, and as natural as can be".  

Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail


"This is what summer evenings should sound like...well chilled, out on the deck, thank God it's the weekend collection of world,

jazz and groove-styled Brazilian music played by some of Australia's finest..."

Evan Alexander, Heapsaflash


"The album's hallmarks are its delicate and uncluttered song arrangements, West's sweetly plangent voice and Ambrose's skilled vibraphone playing. It's not often vibes features in Brazilian music, and here their melodic infusion is truly gorgeous.

Jane Costessi


"Casa da Boa Vida continues the love affair The View From Madeleines Couch began  with Brazilian music in Tranquilo, but has definitely heightened my appreciation of these fine musicians.  This is to me a desert island disc – I love it".

Sharon Thomposon, Thompson's Corner, FM 99.3

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